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How to Value Self-Love and Sexual Pleasure when Living with a Disability: an Occupational Therapist’s Approach

Episode Summary

Cheryl and Dr. Sakshi Tickoo, a Mumbai-based Occupational Therapist who founded “Sex, Love and OT” discuss how people with disabilities can successfully navigate sexual relationships and be empowered to value their own self-love and sexual pleasure.

Episode Notes

Dr. Sakshi Tickoo (she/her/hers) is a Mumbai-based Occupational Therapist, Personal Counselor and Student Mentor specializing in the fields of Sexuality; Mental Health - Wellness and Rehabilitation. She has served a diverse group of people through home healthcare, telehealth, and school-based settings. She is also the founder and owner of Sex, Love, And OT and The OT Shop.

Sex, Love, and OT is an inclusive and comprehensive platform educating and serving healthcare providers and clients who need tools and resources to advocate for sexual rights and liberation through education, centering pleasure, and freedom of occupational engagement in sexuality towards holistic wellness.

Cheryl Crow is an occupational therapist who has lived with rheumatoid arthritis for seventeen years. Her life passion is helping others with rheumatoid arthritis figure out how to live a full life despite arthritis, by developing tools to navigate physical, emotional and social challenges. She formed the educational company Arthritis Life in 2019 after seeing a huge need for more engaging, accessible, and (dare I say) FUN patient education and self-management resources. 

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