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It’s Not Just Dry Eyes: Deep Dive into Systemic Sjogren’s Disease with Dr Kara Wada

Episode Summary

Dr. Kara Wada dives into the complexity of Systemic Sjogren’s, combining her experiences as both a  board certified Allergist-Immunologist and a Systemic Sjogren’s Disease patient. 

Episode Notes

Dr. Wada and Cheryl delve into the connection between Sjogren’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis, discover what’s in Dr. Wada’s disease management toolkit, and share insights into living a full, vibrant life with chronic illness.

Dr. Wada and Cheryl also share insights into how mental health can be affected by chronic illness, and reflect on how the “overachiever” lifestyle is not always helpful. They encourage listeners to focus on making decisions that align with their values and target living well with chronic conditions rather than focusing on total symptom elimination. They encourage listeners to find ways to live a balanced lifestyle and develop a support system which can help you thrive throughout the highs and lows of chronic illness life.

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