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Yoga is a Philosophy, Not Just an Exercise: Demystifying Yoga for Arthritis with Dr. Steffany Moonaz

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If you have a chronic illness you’ve likely heard the question: “Have you tried yoga?”

Episode Notes

Yoga therapist and researcher Dr. Steffany Moonaz and host Cheryl Crow discuss the many benefits of yoga for people with inflammatory arthritis. They also bust common myths and misconceptions about yoga, including that it’s just an exercise or series of physical poses. 

Dr. Moonaz shares her best tips for patients newly diagnosed with arthritis and explains how the philosophy of yoga can help people with arthritis fully embrace the present moment and improve overall wellbeing. Dr. Moonaz is the founder of Yoga for Arthritis, which aims to bring evidence-informed and heart-centered yoga practices to people living with arthritis and chronic pain worldwide. 

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